H1-702 2019 CTF Writeup


My goal for this CTF was to primarily use tools and scripts that I had personally written to complete it. Throughout this challenge I used and extended my personal toolkit extensively. All the proof of concept tools I have produced as a result of this CTF are available in a GitHub Gist.

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Blind SQL injection optimization

In this post I examine techniques and optimizations which can be used to efficiently extract SQL query results from Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities. With the correct techniques and optimizations the majority of SQL query results can be extracted using at most two requests per character in the result string plus two requests for a length check. Under certain conditions results may be able to be extracted using significantly fewer requests.

This post draws together known Blind SQL Injection data extraction techniques and builds upon them in order to reduce the number of requests required to extract query results to the absolute minimum.

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Seccomp and Seccomp-BPF

This post delves into the details of seccomp and seccomp-BPF, how they are implemented and how developers can configure them. Seccomp and Seccomp-BPF are used to limit the system calls available to a Linux process. Typically developers will implement a seccomp configuration for their application, however seccomp configurations can also be applied by system administrators to pre-compiled applications using various tricks.

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